portion of people ( chapters )



  • i came to see you that summer… – (for you)
  • Scenes from my childhood / A movie from my childhood / From My childhood Movie – (______, for the movie you will make)

drafts (for later):

  • dead man walking
  • I cried laying on the grass – (because of you)
  • a little gurl’s father didn’t die [contrary to ‘oru sinna paijjanin appa seththu ponaar’ (a little boy’s father who/died) by agilan]
  • we want to speak…
  • How could we abandon them like this?
  • my brother laughed, and then he cried

Other pieces to try:

  • In Search of a man without History
  • it too, a love story (aug 2010)
  • at last, you killed my father (novembre 2010)

****Please Note that these chapters are changed to password protected for a time period. If you want to read them, you could email to: dsonador@gmail.com. Thank you!***

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