Buried for years in our backyards: Stories of Rape, Hunger, and Death from SriLankan Tamil Women

– The smell of the army boots, the gun, never our friend


By Regi David, Toronto

I became an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) when I was just 13 years old.

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Photo of the boy taken from here
  1. Isha Miranda
    June 8, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    How long we are fighting with sinhalese.
    sinhalese killed,sinhalese raped,sinhalese discriminated, ect ect.sinhalese like Hitler, sinhalese like monstors.
    No body but north did not vote for Mr.Ranil for peace whole country accpet north and east did vote for Mr. Ranil for peace. But north and east did not vote for War.
    when are we going to sit and talk or forget the past and try to find a space between us that what happened and what will happen. You think Jews and Germans are like us still fighting for the crime did by German called Nazi. Nazi means Germans. Why why you all so stubborn with this.

    did we or muslim celebrated or shouted that we chase out of near the boardervillages, mascaraing children or chase out from Jaffna (north) within 24 hrs . no body wants to count or counted that how many elderly women/children died during the time muslim families have to cross over from Mannar to Puttlam. last 19 years that they were never able to site that area until 2008 yet they were unable to get their properties. Still in colombo, kandy, upcountry, kegalle,Ratnapura, we live to-gether even in galle too.

    Please at least now we stop this. No body destroy us or you others but us or you or others only do so.

  2. peddai
    June 9, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    dear isha,
    //You think Jews and Germans are like us still fighting for the crime did by German called Nazi. Nazi means Germans. Why why you all so stubborn with this.//
    whether they are Muslim, Tamil or even Sinhalese, people cannot heal without talking about something that had destroyed their lives and souls till this day. And, do know, it is the hardest thing one can possibly ‘do’ to come out or at least try to come out of what they been through. And, speaking out also means, avoiding repetition in history.
    * – Society never allowed minorities to speak out. Examples are even within Sri Lanka: in colombo -as we speak- many journalists are behind bars and attacked by for speaking out against discrimination to some level.

    ** – From Child Abuse-to-Rape-to-atrocities under powerful Regimes are not voiced with any stubbornness, you see. Rather, they are spoken in depths of sorrow braving social humiliation, for crimes they’ve never commit.
    therefore, sister, i agree to disagree with your statement ‘nobody destroy us’. True, Nobody destroys us in our Comfort Upper class homes in Kandy, Colombo, London or Toronto. But everybody destroy us when we are abandoned and vulnerable in such places as refugee camps or war zones.

    also, i don’t see this article as something that speaks against the sorrow of Muslims when they were ‘chased’ by in the 1990s. Because this article itself contents the line including /I saw entire communities of Muslims being uprooted from Jaffna with unbearable sorrow in their hearts./ But when we compare tragic events to defend our speech, we ‘generalize’ stating everything as ‘one’.. how sad, but yes, that even pain is comparable. If you are opposing Nazi’s Jewish genocide, are you not allowed to be against Israel’s Agenda for Palestinians? and the Regime which kills off people, just like that?

    Same way, i have never defended Muslims forced plight from Jaffna and North. it is their home. and it is the same pain as tamils from vanni, to be rooted out from your fields. yet, can we be happy that they are not ‘also’ chased by cluster bombs, artillery and chemical weapons? as you have done, can we leave this part for our convenient, at the moment?

    as the government’s declaration, war is over. so
    Let the people Speak. and by hearing them, grow the seed of healing. peace can possible only with such steps, not with hesitant to even acknowledge the incomparable loss of people. If you have patience to hear the ‘other side’ where people have lost their lives, properties and territorial/survival safety, it should not be sounding stubborn. if they do, please try to explain.

    • peddai
      June 14, 2009 at 10:57 pm

      //Government is not the one need to speak. it is “US’ we need to speak each other. in Colombo we are trying to forget the past want to live together. it is out side of Sri Lanka that hates and anger lives on. I was in Muthur and Sampur two weeks ago. It was nice to meet people that had so much of hate on me and my community accept my self and others so warmly.//
      – Isha Miranda

      [other portions of the comment is REMOVED – peddai]

  3. peddai
    June 14, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    To Isha Miranda & OTHER commenter who chose to comment(?) in Regi’s Name:

    I have no problem allowing comments regarding me, even if they are calling of names. But accusing other people in hatred, is NOT ALLOWED here. and so i remove the comments of Both of You.

    Isha, you say //Government is not the one need to speak. //
    TRUTH hurts so you want to hide it. but sorry i cant help you with that power mongering MISSION. also, i know who are activists and i know who are being Governments’ ‘agents’ as well- so i decide not to waste A Word with you.

    instead of writing here your PERSONAL ASSUMPTIONS (thinking such activists The Way You Are or The Way you want them to Be) n’ pouring HATRED, face Regi in her blog space: http://reginidavid.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/buried-for-years-in-our-backyards-stories-of-rape-hunger-and-death-from-srilankan-tamil-women/

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